Landscaping - IKO Multifix Let’s make the place beautiful!

Landscaping is one of the simplest ways that your community can establish its identity.

Not only does landscaping help preserve nature, having proper landscaping also helps conserve natural resources such as the soil quality, air, and even water.

In addition to reducing noise pollution, lawns and landscapes can also reduce glare and light reflection, creating a safer environment by making it easier to see pedestrians and oncoming traffic for drivers.

Landscaping makes streets cleaner as well as parks and beaches a more comfortable place to spend time.

IKO Multifix, made in Belgium, can be a great sustainable solution for Bahrain for their landscaping and the growing tourism projects.

IKO Multifix
(Made in Belgium, Europe)

Used for Beautifying & Landscaping

  • Roads
  • Parks
  • City Streets
  • Driveways
  • Sidewalks
  • Walking Paths


Water Transparent